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Testimonials from some very happy members...

Since launching the business in 2004, Louisa has created compatible matches for a vast number of her clients. Here are just a few testimonials from some of them.


Yours Truly Introductions provide a bespoke, confidential and highly successful service for single people seeking a new relationshiip.  Friendships build by meeting like minded partners and often lead to loving long term and successful marriages.  Louisa Sheridan is able to match people in the traditional way, by personal interview and profile provision, leading to introductions as the first step towards achieving a relationship. I have known Louisa for more than four years as a client and now as a friend and can vouch for her highly professional integrity and her personal commitment to achieving successful introductions.

David - Crowborough, East Sussex

I would whole-heartedly recommend your service to anyone nervous about entering the dating scene. You take on all the hard work of finding a suitable partner for your client, and having your support and knowing that everyone has been personally interviewed is such a reassurance.

You provide a safe and secure arena in which to meet other like-minded individuals, who you know are looking for long term serious relationships; something that cannot be guaranteed with internet dating.

From the moment I met Chris, to use the famous phrase of Renee Zellweger to Tom Cruise in ‘Jerry Maguire’, he ‘had me at hello’!

We have been happily together now for two and a half years, and Chris proposed on Brooklyn Bridge in New York, two years to the day we met.

Joining your agency was definitely the best investment I have made and I could not have imagined or ever anticipated how successful it would be.

No one should leave finding love to chance; it often needs a helping hand.

Only living five minutes away from each other, without your help, Chris and I could have spent many lonely years, passing each other in the supermarket, never knowing that we were ideal partners.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your expertise, combined with your caring and friendly approach, to anyone who needs help in making a new relationship.

Wendy – Heathfield, East Sussex


Louisa, it took me a year to pluck up the courage to call you. Having been married for over forty years, it was a daunting task contemplating meeting someone else and moving forward after being widowed at just 62. I was recommended to you by a friend who had used your services very successfully and felt that this path was likely to be more fruitful than any internet dating site could be. On arriving at your home I was greeted by your smiling face and very warm approach and was surprised at how relaxed I felt after just a few minutes.

Your interview was very thorough although I never felt that I had been interrogated. Your profile of me was extremely accurate and I felt encouraged by your positive comments and professionalism.

Having received four profiles after my interview, I met two ladies who were both charming and highly compatible. The second lady, Caroline is now my wife after just two years of joining you (2015).

I never believed that I would be able to find someone after the loss of my first wife but you proved that it is never too late to find love again. I will be eternally grateful to you for finding me such a wonderful lady to share my life with and have no hesitation in recommending your services. You are a not only a true professional but a lady of great empathy, warmth and sincerity.

David – Ashford, Kent



I am writing to thank you for introducing me to Paula, who is a very special lady whose company I really enjoy. I was most impressed by your care, understanding and insight in putting us in contact with each other. 

Kind regards, 

Ian  - Hailsham, East Sussex

Hi Louisa,

Just thought I had to take the time to let you know our great news. It doesn't seem that long ago when I sat in your sitting room and listened while you explained that there is always someone out there for everyone. You introduced me to the lovely Caron and we agreed on the first date just to meet for a coffee, this stretched to a second cup and then to lunch. What had started out as a half hour meeting turned into a wonderful five hours of laughing and conversation. It was clear from the start that we had something really special here. And during our holiday at Lake Como in early June 2009 I asked Caron to marry me. She not only accepted but thought we could make this a short engagement and the bottom line to that is that we are getting married next Wednesday 19th August at 2 o'clock. Louisa, I will never be able to thank you enough for bringing this wonderful woman into my life.

Best wishes Caron and Barry xx

My dear Louisa

As you know, both C and I were both shy about approaching an introduction agency in order to find a partner. I would not have done so if a friend had not told me about you. She knew you on a personal level and assured me absolutely regarding your integrity and professionalism.

I arrived at your door with knotted stomach and fingers crossed that I could rely on you to keep our meeting totally confidential. It was reassuring to be made to feel relaxed and comfortable as soon as I arrived. It seemed as though you had all the time in the world to spare to talk to me and find out about the sort of person I really was and the kind of person I would ideally like to be with. There was no pressure and I found that I enjoyed your company and felt I was talking to someone who was taking me seriously and who knew what they were doing.

C's details were the first I received from you. Although you recommended two other people to me at the time, he was the only man I actually met. To say that it was 'love at first sight' is probably not an exaggeration. At our first meeting we both felt we had known each other for many years. We had so many things in common and so much to discuss and confide in each other about. We knew we were at the same stage in our lives too. Just over a year later we married and have been blissfully happy since then.

We did experience one small blip during our courtship. It was a simple misunderstanding which could, nevertheless, have proved disastrous. You, Louisa, knew of the problem and we both felt it was an extreme test of your professionalism that, although you were in contact with us both at that time, not one word of what we had confided to you was passed to the other party. It is this genuine concern for people that makes you so especially good at your job.

We have no hesitation in recommending Yours Truly. We are immensely grateful for the very special help given to us by you and hope that we will never need your services again! We know also, though, that those who do will be in very safe hands.

Thank you for everything!

With love

C & P

Dear Louisa

I have some very good news for you and Yours Truly. Alison and I are engaged and soon to be married. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to her, she is such a lovely lady and we are a perfect match. I am glad that I took your advice and was patient in finding the right partner. I realise that it is not a precise science and there is that special person out there somewhere for everybody who is willing to persevere. May I take this opportunity to thank you once again and a wedding invite will be on its way.

Kindest regards and thanks.


Dear Louisa

I can't let another day go by without writing to thank you most sincerely from Penny and myself for the assistance you have given in getting us together. Your expert advice in matching our individual profiles has made our introduction seem such a natural happening. You don't finish at the introduction, you enquire how things are progressing, give advice, care and attention right from the start and continue through out the relationship which is very comforting and assuring. We are sure you will be pleased to know that we are very happy and are expecting to advise you of great developments in the near future. Louisa, we would have no hesitation in recommending your expertise to anyone who needs help in making new relationship.

Yours truly and heartfelt thanks.

Penny and Bryan

Hi Louisa,

Just to say I am meeting Patrick tomorrow evening at Coach and Horses, Danehill. He may have already told you of course.

He seems like a really nice chap and like a lot of blokes not wanting to linger on the phone! We decided we had plenty to talk about so would go for it.

Will let you know Friday.

All the best Julia

Dear Louisa

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the personal and sensitive approach you have shown to me since joining Yours Truly. Any anxieties I had before meeting you have disappeared because of your friendly, caring approach. I thoroughly enjoyed our first meeting when you put me at ease immediately and you continue to be very personable during subsequent conversations. Andy is a delightful gentleman and I am sincerely hoping that our relationship will flourish. Thank you again and speak soon.


Dear Louisa

Just to say thanks for the perfect match. You're wonderful.

Alan and Tina xx

Dear Louisa

Thank you so much for the introductions you have provided me with. Through Yours Truly I have found my new life partner and I cannot say how happy it has made me.

When I came to you as a recently widowed man looking for someone new in my life I could not have dreamt how successful the outcome would be.

Your advertising that attracted me in the first place said that Yours Truly was ideal for the professional person looking for like minded partners. This proved to be absolutely true in my case. The system that you use with the initial interview and then the in depth profiles means that when it comes to the first contact with a new prospective partner there is no awkwardness or embarrassment because you know that the person you are contacting has already read your profile, as you have read there's. Before you make the first contact you already know that you will be speaking to a like minded person who is expecting your call so you feel you are not speaking a complete stranger but someone you already know quite a lot about.

I must complement you on the caring and professional way you run Yours Truly. You use your extensive people skills to create an atmosphere of sincerity and trust that helps new friendships grow and flourish into long term relationships.

Thank you again for everything you have done for me. I did not dream that I would be lucky enough to meet a second soul mate in my life but Yours Truly really did make it come true.

Thank you so much.


Well done Louisa

I never really expected to find someone who would be so right for me. Life is too short to hope that Mr Right will appear on your doorstep as it just doesn't happen. Yours Truly, however, did make it happen and for this I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much Louisa and good luck with the business in the future.


Dear Louisa

I am writing to express my thanks for the personal, professional service you have provided during my six months with Yours Truly. Although I am still looking for 'Mr Right', I do feel that the men I have been introduced to have been well matched in terms of our compatibility.

I am confident that it is only a matter of time before you find me my soul mate!

Kindest regards


Dear Louisa

Just to say thank you so much for all the work you have done over the last few weeks. I now realise that I should have joined you months ago instead of wasting my time on the internet. The introductions I have had have been so much more compatible and I know that it won't be long before Mr Right comes along. Thanks again.


Hi Louisa

Definitely interested in meeting Simon. Very interesting profile and would very much like to meet him.

Hope you're well and thanks very much.

Speak soon.


Dear Louisa,

Thank you for your message. I met Jessica on Sunday. She's very good fun but that elusive buzz that I need probably wasn't there. Having said that, we left it that we'd probably go and see a band together in the not too distant future.


Hi Louisa

I hope you are well. Thank you so much for my personal profile which my best friend thinks is extremely accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting and was surprised at how fast the time went! Bad experiences in the past had made me question whether to invest more money into dating but I have to say that you made me feel totally at ease. Your interview process was extremely thorough and I do believe that you understand the essence of who I am which, as you said, is vital if you are to be able to match me with compatible partners. I look forward to my first date and speak soon.

Kindest regards


Hello Louisa,

Rod phoned yesterday and we talked for an hour and got on very well. The moment of truth will be in a week`s time when we meet up.

Glad your weekend went well.

Best wishes Gillian

Hi Louisa,

Patrick sounds really nice (not sure about 6 grandchildren!!!) and I would certainly like to meet him.

Thanks again,


Hi Louisa,

I'm half way through a bottle of red and leaving at 6.30 tomorrow for a week in Florida and have not packed yet so apologies if this is not the best e-mail.

Di. What can I say - yes what a lovely lady and by far the best looking and most natural lady I have met so far. She is very nice and I would like to see her again. Please let me know her feedback.

Great to know business is good and I look forward to speaking to you on my return. So it's back to the red........take care.

Kind regards,


Dear Louisa

I just wanted to say thank you for making me feel so at ease on Tuesday evening. Making the decision to join an introduction agency was not an easy one and I am delighted that I managed to find you as you were so relaxing and easy to talk to. I felt I had made a new friend when I left! Speak soon and looking forward to receiving my profile.


Hi Louisa,

I wanted to thank you very much indeed as it was brilliant of you to encourage me to get out and meet Simon.

Thanks for a great introduction. I had a wonderful evening out in Broadstairs tonight. I found Simon, intelligent, interesting, straightforward, amusing, thoughtful ... but with a bit of edge ... open, a great conversationalist and on a similar wavelength. I enjoyed his company immensely and truly haven't laughed so much or had such a lovely evening in male company for a seriously long time. He asked a huge number of very direct questions for a first date but got honest answers!

I would really love to see him again ... but found it hard to work out whether or not he thought the same.

Nothing was said on the subject of whether or not to meet up again ... so no doubt I will either hear from him again or not ... I'll keep my fingers crossed ... and will let you know unless of course you hear anything from him in this respect first!

In the meantime, very many thanks for your efforts and for sticking with me in arranging this. Brilliant!

Kind regards,


Hi Louisa

You were right I was away but now am back for a few hours only to drive around to Heathrow and go away again. I must admit that I was very humbled as I mentioned before by the personal profile and had to check with a few people just to ensure the ladies who I will hopefully meet soon won't come away immensely disappointed as I thought you were being far too kind. However each one stated how well you were able to describe me and sum me up in such a short space of time!

The ladies you sent through sound lovely in different ways and I am happy for you to progress in the best way you think fit.

Speak soon and thanks again