Yours Truly - Terms and Conditions of Business

1. Objective

The Agency’s primary objective is to facilitate introductions (as defined hereunder) between Members. While success in bringing together compatible long-term partners cannot be guaranteed, the Agency intends using its best endeavours and expertise to try to bring that about.

2. Members Acceptance

Before their acceptance as Members, prospective Members must sign and date a copy of these “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS” thereby confirming their acceptance of all the provisions contained therein.

By so doing, the signatory undertakes to keep wholly confidential any information received about any other Agency Member and also confirms the accuracy of the personal details and history provided to the Agency when seeking membership.

3. Definition

“Introductions” (as hereinafter mentioned) means those occasions on which the Agency has contacted the Member with details of another Member deemed by the Agency to be a compatible match.

It therefore follows that while the Member may decide not to pursue any introduction by contacting or meeting the selected Member in person, the Agency has nevertheless fulfilled its obligation as regards an “introduction”.

4. Fees and Membership

a. Following a preliminary discussion and a presentation by the Agency of its aims, methods and client-benefits, a prospective Member then deciding to become a Member and having accepted the Agency’s “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS”, will proceed to the interview-stage by the immediate payment by cash or cheque of a ONCE-ONLY NON-REFUNDABLE FEE OF £550 covering membership, the interview, the Agency’s administration and current and on-going advertising costs.

Membership shall continue for twelve calendar months from the date of signing these “TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS” at which time it shall terminate/be determined (but see c below).

b. Service fees relating to introductions should be paid for by cash or cheque in advance at the time of the interview referred to in (a) above. Each introduction costs £25. The minimum number of introductions to be paid for in advance is FOUR. No introductions will be offered to the Member unless payment has been received and banked by the Agency. There is no maximum number of introductions. As long as the service is paid for in advance, the Member may receive as many compatible introductions as are available.

c. Following the expiry of the said membership period the Agency may at its sole discretion undertake to extend the membership and facilitate further compatible introductions on pre-payment of a further fee of £275 (half the current membership fee of £550) plus a fee for every four introductions (minimum) at the rate ruling at that time (currently £100 for four introductions).

d. If a Member for any reason notifies the Agency that he or she wishes to be refunded for any introductions that have been paid for in advance but have NOT taken place, then the Agency will refund by cheque, without interest, within 28 days the fees paid for these introductions. This does NOT include the ONCE-ONLY NON-REFUNDABLE FEE OF £550 FOR MEMBERSHIP.

5. THE AGENCY reserves the right to vary its fees, whether these relate to interview, administration, membership or service, at any time. Service fee variations directly relating to introductions will be subject to one calendar month’s notice.


Work on behalf of the Member to carefully identify potentially-satisfactory introductions and recommend the Member to other Members.

b. Interview thoroughly each Member and investigate his or her needs thus providing an excellent selection-and-matching service.

c. Communicate to other Members considered appropriate, information concerning the Member thus facilitating introductions. No surnames nor any means of communication shall be transmitted to others without prior permission of the Member.

d. Contact the Member as and when new Members register and who are considered likely to be compatible matches.

e. By marketing and advertising, continually seek to enhance membership numbers thereby promoting further introductions on an on-going basis.


At the Member’s request the Agency will advertise on the Member’s personal behalf in selected quality publications, vetting replies and identifying persons considered suitable for introduction to the Member. An additional once-only fee subject to the Member’s acceptance covering advertising and Agency administration costs, shall be payable in advance.