Internet Dating - Is It Really Your Best Option?

Louisa Sheridan of Yours Truly Introductions begs to differ. If you're unattached you may have noticed that the Introductions Industry has taken the world by storm. Many are signing up with a variety of different on-line dating sites in order to find their perfect match. Having written their own profile they then wink or send messages to potential partners and cross their fingers hoping for a positive reply.

In many cases the reply just doesn't appear or when it does it becomes clear that the respondent is just not a compatible match. If you are single and registered on a dating site does this scenario ring a bell? How much time do you spend searching through endless profiles in the hope that your soul mate is out there somewhere? Busy professionals find themselves sitting at the computer on returning home having already spent a busy day at the office doing just that.

How would you feel if there were another, more successful option? Louisa Sheridan, the owner of Yours Truly Introductions based in Crowborough, East Sussex is able to give you that opportunity. After gaining many years experience in recruitment and human resources she launched her introductions business in 2003 and has matched numerous clients in long term relationships and marriages since then. Her clients come from Kent, Sussex and Surrey and are professionals. They include lawyers, accountants, pilots, stockbrokers, teachers, nurses, hoteliers, restaurateurs, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs and many more besides. Her fees are surprisingly competitive.

"I believe that everyone is entitled to find new relationships and happiness" says Louisa. "We no longer see the majority of marriages lasting forever and life's increasing demands make it difficult for us to meet new friends and partners."

Louisa believes she has found a niche in the introductions marketplace and believes that interviewing everyone personally and gaining an understanding of their needs is a big plus. "Essentially, I get to the heart of the matter learning about each client's values and way of life" she says. "These qualities have to be matched correctly in order for a relationship to last. Chemisty is always important but without similar values and backgrounds a partnership very rarely survives long-term."

Louisa also believes that although the internet dating system has a place in the market it can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack. "With Yours Truly you are half way up the ladder before you have begun" she says.

David, a recent client of Louisa's who has used a well known national dating site in the past agrees with her philosophy. "Louisa has got it right" he says. "She is genuinely interested in finding compatible introductions and offers continuing support and feedback. Her thorough interviewing procedure means that you have a much higher chance of being matched with a truly compatible partner. Having used an internet dating site for a number of months it was a breath of fresh air to finally meet a third party who was prepared to do the hard work for me and offer a selective and positive service".

Louisa's service is comprehensive and includes identity checking. A three page personal profile has to be approved by each client before it is submitted to potential partners. Having found a compatible match, Louisa calls both parties and acts as a go-between until the introduction has taken place. Contact is then made after the date so that feedback can be provided. Confidentiality and tact are always paramount. Many of Yours Truly's members prefer this more personal approach as they are safe in the knowledge that their introductions have been vetted in advance and with Louisa's intuition a match is highly likely.

Louisa has a ratio of two female members to every man. Statistically she has matched 40% of her female clients and 80% of men. Many of these matches have been created within four introductions. These statistics far out weigh the results of any internet dating site. She believes her communication skills and nurturing style put her clients at ease and this allows them to be particularly open about their future needs helping her to understand the essence of them. Even larger agencies cannot compete with this service as their consultants will not have interviewed everyone personally therefore diluting the compatibility process.

If you are single, separated, divorced or widowed and have been worn out and deflated by a world of on line profiles think about calling Louisa on 01892 667750 or email her at .  She could change your future.