The Dating Game

How is the dating game for mature, professional people different from twenty years ago?

When you're in your late teens and early twenties the majority of your friends are single, therefore socialising and dating is easy. Young people also tend to have a pack mentality and find it easier to meet new friends/partners when they are surrounded by their own friends.

It gets more difficult as we mature!

As we get older we find it increasingly difficult to find groups of people with whom to socialise. Many are in long term relationships, engaged or married and the single life can be a very lonely one. Some of us are single parents who find dating and new friendships particularly difficult to access. Our working lives are also much more demanding these days with longer hours giving us much less time to enjoy an active social life.

Dating disappointments

Many people try and meet others in pubs and nightclubs only to be disappointed. If this is the avenue you have been following then it is not surprising that you are still searching for that special partner.

Introduction agencies

This is where introduction agencies come into their own. We are able to offer a service which basically gets to the heart of the matter. There is no longer the feeling that life is hopeless and there is no way out.

The stigma attached to this type of introductions service has almost disappeared. Many very capable, professional, attractive people are now beginning to see that this is an ideal way to meet like-minded individuals who could potentially become long-term partners. Selective introduction agencies like Yours Truly are the most successful of all dating possibilities, providing an ideal opportunity for on-going relationships.

The personal, professional approach

This is partly because the Introduction Agency takes time to interview the client, asking many valid questions about the client's values, way of life, interests etc. This then makes compatibility much easier and establishes a personal rapport with each client that cannot be easily mirrored by any other dating service.

Learning through feedback

We also learn more about each client when an introduction has occurred due to the feedback that we receive from both clients. This does not guarantee success but it does mean that your chances are much higher than in any other arranged dating situation.


Obviously such introductions rather than chance meetings can feel somewhat unnatural and forced. It is also likely that, although well matched, introductions will not always be successful. This can be particularly disappointing if somebody you like doesn't wish to see you again.

Perseverance and faith are sometimes required in high doses which can be difficult to endure. However, many people have found happiness through introduction agencies such as this just as they were about to abandon dating agencies for good. Be positive and who knows, the person of your dreams may be just around the corner! It also goes without saying that if you ever need to discuss any issues with me then I am always here to talk to you in total confidence.

Yours Truly Introductions is based in Crowborough, East Sussex and arranges dating all over East and West Sussex, Kent and Surrey. If you are a mature professional person who would like to meet compatible, like-minded people, contact us for your personal interview.

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