The Introduction Agency for professionals in East and West Sussex, Kent and Surrey

11 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join an introduction agency?

Many of us have such busy lives these days that meeting and dating potential partners can be an exhausting task. Some also find it difficult to meet the right partners through their own social circle. By joining Yours Truly Introductions the pressure is taken away completely. You will be safe in the knowledge that selective, compatible, genuine members will be introduced to you without you having to do any of the hard work.

What can Yours Truly Introductions offer me that other introduction agencies can't?

Yours Truly offers a personal dating service that is second to none. Unlike other larger dating agencies, Louisa works on her own, personally interviewing every single member that joins the Agency. She believes that this very personal approach increases your chances of meeting and dating the right partner and creates a friendly and nurturing environment therefore allowing each client to feel totally at ease and secure.

Yours Truly Introductions is also aimed primarily at mature professionals, ensuring potential introductions are like-minded in their approach to dating.

What questions will I be asked at my personal interview?

Louisa will ask you a variety of questions about your childhood, educational background, employment, hobbies and interests, past relationships and your children (if applicable). She will ask you about your values in life and your future goals so that she is able to gain an understanding of your true character in order to find you your most compatible partner so that a long term relationship is highly likely.

Will anyone know that I have joined?

Absolutely not! Each member is registered with the Introduction Agency in complete confidence. The Agency is registered under the Data Protection Act of 1998 and complies fully with its regulations.

Does the Introduction Agency produce a personal profile on each client?

Yes. After the initial interview your personal profile is created by Louisa. This document will need to be approved by you before it is sent to potential introductions. No addresses or telephone numbers are revealed on this profile so it is impossible for any client to contact you without your permission.

Where do members live?

Members are predominantly living within a 40 mile radius of the Agency's office in Crowborough, East Sussex covering the counties of Kent, East and West Sussex and Surrey.

Do members have to be keen to get married?

No. Many members have married after dating through Yours Truly Introductions but there are also a number of members who are living together or have joined the Agency for companionship.

How many introductions can I expect to receive?

Introductions are unlimited during your membership although Yours Truly prides itself on only sending you the details of compatible introductions. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Are all members genuine and do I need to be concerned about security?

All members are asked to provide their car registration number, full address and two separate forms of identification before registering with the Agency. However, for your own protection you should always arrange to meet in a public place using your own or public transport so that you are able to independently leave at any time. To date the Agency has never had to remove any member from the register due to bad behaviour.

Where and when should I meet a potential partner?

The Agency recommends that your first meeting should be no more than an hour and a half and ideally this should take place at lunchtime or early evening. Long dinners should be kept for the second meeting when it has become obvious that both parties are happy in each others company.

Does the Agency ask for client feedback after a new introduction has occurred?

Yes. It is important that the Agency records information about each new meeting that has occurred so that Louisa can gain a better understanding of your dating needs for the future if this is necessary.